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Heart health matters... 
make it a priority.

10 Women
Have been estimated to die everyday from a heart attack in Australia
People in Australia are affected by Atrial Fibrillation (2021 est.)
1.3 Million
People in Australia with Diabetes, 75% will die from a cardiovascular event

Step 4

When you reach the end of your test you will receive a cardiology report.

By selecting “Cardiologist Review” and with payment of the review fee, our Cardiologists will review your test and send their signed-off findings back to you in the app.

Or you can send it to your doctor via the shared button in the right-hand corner.

Your Pocket-Sized Peace of Mind

App Required

Step 1

Purchase ECGme from our online store, either on its own or its Bundle, download the app and register yourself as a user.

Please remember to charge your device before use.

Step 2

From the home menu you can select one of the four tests provided.

Arrhythmia Check

To check your heart rhythm

Ischemia Check

To check for signs of heart attack

HRV Evaluation

To check your autonomic nervous system health

ECGme Non-stop

To check your heart rhythm over an extended period

e.g. 24 hours (Requires on-body adaptor)

Follow the prompts for the positioning of the device.

Step 3

Once you have your device in position try not to speak and remain still as it monitors you.

and YOU

Find out how you might use ecgme™. Putting your heart health in your hands. 

Have any other questions?

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