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Our approach to

better, accurate

disease diagnosis.

Biosignals Diagnostics is a biosignal monitoring company, addressing heart disease problems by integrating biometric data from specially designed, easily worn devices and other sources such as imaging and genetics. The combined power of this data in our proprietary platform is used to better predict, diagnose and treat cardiac diseases.

Heart disease remains the biggest killer in the world and death rates are estimated to double in the next 20 years.

Cardiac arrhythmias are growing at the fastest rate and are responsible for 30% of all Strokes. 

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Clinical Decision Support for Healthcare Professionals


Is the patient likely to develop this disease?


What can be done to reduce the likelihood of developing it?


Does the patient have the disease now?


Which therapeutic pathways would be best for this patient?


If medication is required, what is the optimal drug dosage for the patient?


The use of a patient's genetic information to determine risk, prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Our platform is the enabler of Precision Cardiology services and covers...


Genes associated with cardiac disease including over 40 genes related to Stroke.


Clinical risk scoring models 


Cardiac diseases diagnosed and managed in the platform


Heart disease drug profiles in clinical use

The BioSignals Diagnostics platform enables the growing value in precision cardiac healthcare.





Small easy to use device, fits in your pocket and when held with fingers on the sensors shows real-time ECG signals.

Point in time ECG snapshot configurable up to 10 minutes monitoring duration. 


Converts to a 2 electrode 24hr on-body monitor for clinical use.

10 Million

People per year are diagnosed with AFib


Hospitalizations caused by AFib every year


Deaths related to AFib every year


Annual economic burden of AFib in US

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Clinical / Pharmacy Applications

Cardiac arrhythmia detections

Post dialysis cardiac assessment

Medicine impact reviews

Pre-diabetes screening


Sport & Fitness Use

Professional athletes

Personal training and tracking

Concussion assessments

Health assessments

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Consumers are able to purchase our hand-held device and use the mobile app for a subscription fee. This allows the general consumer to access the clinical-grade device and service used by professionals. An easy to read report is generated with summary at any time with unlimited reports in the subscription. Should the monitoring session detect and issue, the report can be sent to our team of cardiac specialists for an assessment of the report and a signed-off by our cardiologists.

This is an exciting new way to have much greater control over your health and have professional assessment when needed.

Biosignals Dx provides a cardiac monitoring service directly to cardiologists and primary healthcare physicians. Our cardiologists assess and sign-off the report.




Heart disease has many contributing factors. Our approach uses the many aspects of patient health and the complex interactions of these factors to assess patient risk, guide prevention, diagnose, treat and manage heart disease and stroke. Biosignals Diagnostics is developing a specialised comprehensive platform for this purpose. By incorporating data from the many lifestyle and biologic factors that drive these diseases, our approach delivers richer decision support for clinical diagnostic and treatment sequencing. The rich data in our platform becomes a high-value asset in its own right and can be used as a clinical resource, or in pharmaceutical development. It also enables development of our proprietary “cardio-genetic signatures” which will bring greater clarity in the deepening relationship between genetics and heart disease. The platform architecture accommodates many data sources from consumer technologies such as phones and watches in addition to medical diagnostics data from imaging, bio-markers, genomics, ECG, blood pressure and oxygen levels. One of our key platform differentiators however is the intelligent clinical learning engine.

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We aim to reduce disease burden, improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs of cardiac disease and stroke through the validated use of precision cardiology.

T H E  N E X T  G E N E R A T I O N


Cardiac monitoring is a primary diagnostic tool to detect Atrial Fibrillation and other deadly arrhythmias, however current wearable cardiac monitors have limitations diagnosing the disease and often fail to provide Health Care Professionals with timely diagnostically actionable information.


Consistent with our vision we are building solutions to address the the shortcomings of current devices on the market where detection of intermittent arrhythmias is severely limited. To avoid the use of implantable cardiac loop monitors, we are building the next generation of mobile cardiac telemetry devices. Enter our 3 lead clinical grade medical device with streaming ECG data in real-time analysis. This next-generation device is a game changer.

EXPECTED: late 2022

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